Welcome To Balaji Builders & Developers

The Balaji Builders & Developers is established since 2010

Balaji Builders & Developrs, Kewalya Park have a sustainable vision to stand out from the crowd.

A contented sigh, an aura of calmness, feeling of peace are sought after in our busy lives.

Life style is peace of mind, Kewalya Park understands that home is where heart is. And, so it has intelligently bundled a wide range of features to enable a calm lifestyle.

Our Approach

Our Story

Personal space is hard to find, else where but Kewalya Park is the only space in city which will provide you soothing life style for ever near to river, beside the Kewalya Dham place of peace where silence will capture your heart by the feelings of spirituality.

Fundamental rules of creation in simple lines, rich details and fine materials are the hallmark of Kewalya Park objects. They also tell the stories...